Swift Web Programming

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Instructor: Njoy Arts

What you'll learn

Course description

Swift Web Programming is a 3 months course catering all the needs of computer programming, making you communicate in computer languages. You will be learning JAVASCRIPT, ECMASCRIPT, JQUERY and its UI, BOOTSTRAP and the entire components in BOOTSTRAP. In short you will be speaking computers, learning interface, element design, programming, syntax and so much more. View our curriculum sections to get a detailed overview of the covered modules.

Course outline

  • Variables, Data Types & Operators
  • Programming with Decisions & Loops
  • Array, String, Math & Date Functions
  • Programming : Functions & Syntaxes Lecture
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Library Building Concepts
  • Advance Programming Tips & Tricks
  • jQuery Selectors, CSS & Attributes
  • jQuery Chaining Concept
  • jQuery Manipulation & Traversing
  • jQuery Event Handling & AJAX
  • jQuery UI / UX Overview
  • jQuery UI Elements & Components
  • jQuery UI Custom Theme Design
  • Responsive Design Concept with Bootstrap Lecture
  • Bootstrap Grid vs Fluid Design
  • Bootstrap Page Element Design
  • Bootstrap Components
  • LESS / SCSS / Sass Overview
  • LESS / SCSS / Sass : Features & Functions
  • Theme Designing in LESS