Swift Web Architecture

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Instructor: Njoy Arts

What you'll learn

Course description

Swift Web Architecture, a half-yearly or 3 monthly course that trains you efficiently for the knowledge required in the entire Web Architect that involves in-depth knowledge of server administration. In this course, you will get a deep understanding of MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER (MVC), API & Component Work Flow, Advanced Object-Oriented Programming and much more. You can see all the modules covered in WEB ARCHITECTURE in our curriculum section. This course will make you proficient in Utility with PHP composer.

Course outline

  • Understanding Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Advance Object Oriented Programming
  • Interface, Class, Method and Property
  • Library Building Techniques
  • Modular Design Concept
  • API & Component Workflow
  • Utility Building with PHP Composer
  • Content Management System : An Overview
  • WordPress | Joomla | Drupal | Magento
  • Content Management System : Pros and Cons
  • Content Management System : Structures & File System
  • Designing Plugins & Components
  • Content Management System : Handling Databases
  • Miscellaneous Short-Codes : Actions, Filters & Hooks
  • Understanding Web Frameworks: Getting Started
  • Laminas | Laravel | CakePHP | CodeIgniter
  • MVC Modules: Registration, Autoloading, Configuration
  • MVC Controllers: Route, View, Action, URL, Parameter
  • MVC Services: Service Container & Service Factories
  • MVC Models: Database Adapters & Table Gateway
  • MVC Events & Forms, Filtering and Validation