Swift Mobile Games Design

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Instructor: Njoy Arts

What you'll learn

Course description

Mobile Gaming Design the most in-demand and revolutionary course in present times. Swift Mobile Gaming Design course makes efficient in designing games for mobile in just 3 months. This 3 months course covers the entire mobile game design concept from Mobile App Design Interface Concept to Asset Creation for games that include designing and managing asset libraries, also the programming and deployment of mobile games and integrating designs and coding logics of gameplay. You can get an elaborated knowledge of the entire course in our curriculum section.

Course outline

  • Game Design Ideas & Brain Storming
  • Concept Sketching for Games
  • Story Boarding for Game Design
  • Game Play Guidelines : Do’s & Don’ts
  • Level Designing and User Experience
  • Target Audience Research Analysis
  • Project Management & Timeline
  • Creating Vector Design Elements
  • Reusable Vs Once Usable
  • Working With Adobe Animate
  • Graphics, Button & MovieClips
  • Working with Sprite & Sprite Sheet
  • Working with Audio in Game Play
  • Utility, Controller, UI & UX Designing
  • Introduction to ActionScript 3.0
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS)
  • Object, Classes & Interfaces
  • Project Packages & Class Library
  • Deployment with OpenGL, Adobe Air & Canvas
  • Live Game Update & Patches
  • In Game Marketplace for Utilities