Swift Cyber Security

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Instructor: Njoy Arts

What you'll learn

Course description

Swift Cyber Security is a 3 Months course covering entire scope of learning on Cyber Security. In this Cyber Security Course, you will not only be getting the opportunity to learn all about WordPress, but you will also learn PHP, MySQL, CLI etc. everything covered under Web Architecture, with the thorough knowledge on Client-server Architecture, FTP Server, C-Pane Training and much more, you can see all details in curriculum section. Along with Web Designing, this course will also cover procedural and structural form of programming.

Course outline

  • Introduction to IT & Cyber Security
  • Computer Protocols, Cookies & TCP/IP
  • Hacking Methodology & Social Engineering
  • Attacks: Brute Force, DoS & DDoS
  • SQL Injections, Phishing, Bot & BotNets
  • Torjans, Viruses & Worms
  • Ransomeware, Adware & Spyware
  • Anti-Virus, Encryption, Firewalls & Biometrics
  • Two Factor Authentication Methods
  • Password Management System
  • Security for Wireless Networks
  • BYOD Management & Policy
  • Security Vs Ease of Access
  • Cyber Warfare Vs Cyber Attack
  • Email: Dangers, Attacks & Protections
  • VPN, Proxy & Annonymizer
  • Identity Theft & Cookies Theft
  • DarkNet: DeepWeb Vs DarkWeb
  • Backups, Storage, Cloud & Encryption
  • Social Engineering: Scam, Cons, Tricks & Fraud
  • Securities: Windows Vs Mac Vs Linux